The purpose of the meeting was to assess the progress made by the project from November to the conclusion of the project at the end of April 2022. Moreover, the EC was assessing the overall efficacy and success of the project, measuring its impact and the attainment of its objectives, deliverables, and milestones.

The review meeting required significant input from all partners, especially the coordinating team from Hochschule Mittweida University (HSMW), in Germany. Together, the team provided all financial statements and a succinct overview of work in the form of a periodic and final report. To supplement these, the work package and task leaders prepared a comprehensive presentation of the key actions and activities executed during the reporting period and the entire initiative.

Denitsa WP2 Leader FORMOBILE

Considering the effort for preparations and project implementation, the team was hoping for a positive review from the EC and the expert reviewers that have assessed the work. Thankfully, the work of FORMOBILE’s project consortium was well-received, and the resounding opinion was that the vast majority of the project’s objectives were achieved and the results bring value and impact to various stakeholders.

The FORMOBILE project was a Research and Innovation Action, and naturally, not all research can be converted into concrete results. However, even for several of the outputs that were concluded as proof of concepts – the foundations were established and provide a stable base for future efforts and deeper research.

Positively, the EC was encouraging with recommendations for future actions to develop the groundwork of FORMOBILE further. Some of the main outcomes of FORMOBILE can be seen in this article. The task now is to assess the priorities for future proposals and to determine the most efficient way of progressing.

FORMOBILE Team in Patras for Final Review Meeting 2022

Throughout the 36-month project, the team achieved a lot of valuable outcomes. Together, the partners overcame challenges and adapted to the restrictions caused by COVID. Perhaps most importantly, the group was able to establish fruitful collaborative partnerships and, as well as lasting impact, the team has created many lasting friendships that will strengthen the European research community and mobile forensics ecosystem.