The conference is organised by the Polish Naval Academy of the Heroes of Westerplatte in Gdynia, the Foundation for Cybercrime Prevention and the Polish Platform for Homeland Security

This initiative is executed in cooperation with FORMOBILE - it addresses representatives of the Polish law enforcement agencies, companies, academic, financial and public institutions, and institutions dealing with digital forensics. 

The speakers will include representatives from companies and research institutes specialising in data acquisition, decoding and semantic analysis - in textual and audio form - including analysis of images and recordings from mobile devices. 

 The idea of organising a two-day meeting devoted to technologies and fighting cybercrime is aimed at creating a forum for companies and organisations working for cybersecurity where they can present their products and solutions to relevant audiences in the Polish domain. 

During a panel and workshop session, participants will become familiar with the practical and technical capabilities of advanced solutions supporting successful mobile forensic investigations.  

This year's conference is the second edition, with the first held in November 2019 - pre COVID19. See the full agenda here

The First Edition

During the first two-day conference, participants (mainly representatives of the Polish LEAs) took part in the main event and workshop sessions, which allowed those interested in the topic to learn about the details of the available solutions. 

All presentations were very informative and provided the audience with many details on the current threats resulting from cybercrime and ways to tackle them. Moreover, the “CP.1-Technologies” conference provided a space for companies to promote and demonstrate their products and solutions. 

The speakers covered topics concerning the prevention of child sexual abuse, attacks on the ICT networks, extraction and analysis of data on the internet, and crimes using Darknet and cryptocurrencies. 

Many of the speeches were aimed at raising awareness among listeners about ways to improve cybersecurity in their organisations.

The informativeness of the presentations and the subsequent discussions during and after the meeting confirm that the initiative may have a tangible impact on improving knowledge and technology transfer between the private and public sectors in Poland.  

The positive opinions and feedback from both speakers and participants triggered the activation of the second edition, which was supposed to take place in 2020, but because of the pandemic, takes place in March 2022.