The Capture the Flag event has replaced the planned training campus week and was sadly moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That said, the training team did a tremendous job to react and adapt to the challenging and uncertain circumstances. In addition, our Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) and legal/ethical partners were fundamental in the delivery of the CTF as part of the train-the-trainer model. A big congratulations and huge gratitude for all the comments, hours of reviews, and additional design and development the trainers have put into this project. 

The efforts of the training team – led by the Norwegian Police University College(PHS, representing the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Safety (NMPS) and supported by several key partners – including the Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH) and MSAB (for the tools training and hosting support) have not gone unnoticed. Already, there have been several positive responses to the initial courses and substantial talks about exploiting the project's training outputs following its conclusion in April 2022. (Read more about FORMOBILE's Partnership with ECTEG)

How did the CTF work?

The Capture the Flag event involved the participants working through several challenges covering each phase of the Mobile Forensic Investigation Chain. You can find the devised Mobile Forensic Investigation Chain and an outline of the Novel Curriculum along with stakeholder pathways in our previous news article.

Each participant was expected to complete a minimum of 30 questions to receive a certificate of attendance. Challenges were based on a scenario about an individual on holiday in Greece, who is soon suspected of a serious crime involving the theft of a historical artefact. Three device images were created by FORTH to accompany the scenario. In addition, a virtual crime scene was developed by PHS. Some of the CTF challenges were designed by both the WP7 training team and the FORMOBILE trainers at the train-the-trainer event in January 2022 (M1TOT), which included LEA practitioners, scientific and legal/ethical advisors. Continued design and development of the CTF challenges after the trainer event were executed by PHS. Later, these were sent for review by FORTH, the FORMOBILE Trainers, and the CTF Pilot Participants. 

The CTF was delivered by the FORMOBILE trainers, who were observed by the WP7 training team. Activities bestowed upon the trainers included engaging with any participants who required assistance; entering the Virtual Room for purposes of the event and grading the challenges submitted by participants (i.e., individually and as a collaborative effort).  

The expectation is that the entire training content will be reused by LEAs in the #DFIR community after the end of the project to train practitioners in the mobile investigation chain, including practitioners entering the field of mobile forensics as an examiner or analysts where the CTF may prove useful. FORMOBILE aims that the training will enhance an individual's knowledge and skills and increase the overall quality of investigations.

Announcing the Winner of the CTF Pilot 2022

The Capture the Flag event took place in the week commencing the 14th of February 2022 and officially closed on the 18th of February 2022. While some participants were absent due to operational reasons or were unable to complete the event due to these reasons, we have allotted several days' extensions to these participants. 

Though, the FORMOBILE training team are pleased to announce the top three scoring participants. 

We want to congratulate Daniel Konwińskion obtaining pole position on our scoreboard for the week's activities. 

In second place we have Mattia Epifani, and in third place Rafał Ruciński. 

The event was extremely close at the top of our scoreboard, in the last day, Daniel overtook Mattia, who had been our scoreboard leader for most of the week! 

A huge thank you for your contributions, and we hope that you enjoyed the challenges set.

 FORMOBILE Capture the Flag Finishing Positions

Finally, we would like to say a huge thank you to all the volunteer participants who completed, and continue to finish, the CTF challenges. Without your input, evaluation, and feedback, we would be unable to continue our efforts to deliver a training pathway that is suitable for a range of Law enforcement stakeholders.  

Congratulations to all participants from the FORMOBILE Training Team and the FORMOBILE Trainers!