The meeting was a coordinated effort under the project to deliver a guidance 'checklist' document aimed at the legal practitioners involved with criminal procedures. This checklist aims to support prosecutors, judges and defence attorneys to verify the reliability and validity of electronic evidence.

To this end, FORMOBILE has composed a working group that consists of project members, Ethical Advisory Board members, and external experts in electronic evidence.

The meeting on the 1st of December included Dentisa Kozhuharova (LIF), Petya Peteva (LIF), Pieter Gryffroy (TLX), Uwe Ewald (EAB Member), Bernhard C. Witt (EAB Member), and Peter Sommer - an external expert to the group.
The intention of the session was to discuss the structure and proposed content of this guidance document, the timeline for delivery and potential opportunities for its dissemination.

The document is the joint work of the whole working group and will be finalised by the end of February 2022. The checklist will be a useful tool to support the CEN Workshop Agreement also under preparation in the FORMOBILE project.