Event Concept  

FORMOBILE is a European-funded project developing a complete end-to-end forensic investigation chain focused on mobile phones and striving to enhance digital safety and security in the EU. 

During the last 2.5 years, the FORMOBILE consortium has worked to achieve three main goals: 

  1. Develop advanced and innovative tools for collecting, retrieving, analysing and visualising data.
  2. Create a standardised process consisting of best practices that support various elements of the mobile forensic chain.
  3. Deliver a novel curriculum and training that equips security practitioners with the necessary knowledge and skills to implement all results.


To demonstrate these efforts, this event showcases tangible examples of how FORMOBILE benefits LEAs in practical scenarios - providing a preview of what FORMOBILE will finally deliver in April 2022, the last month of the project implementation.

The formula of the event includes an applied demonstration of the solutions developed so far. All examples link to a specific criminal case, exploring how FORMOBILE's results support the work of individual groups of practitioners throughout the investigation chain - from mobile phone to court!

 Topics Covered 

As well as a case scenario showcasing the three key pillars of the project, the event also includes a dedicated legal discussion related to Digital Evidence and includes input from sister projects - LOCARD and ROXANNE

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  • Day 1 of the event is reserved for LEAs and relevant Public Authorities due to the nature of the topic and the tools that will be discussed
  • Day 2 is open to a broader range of stakeholders 

FORMOBILE Project Results Event Stakeholders

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