Uwe and Bernhard presented positions and recommendations for the ethical principles behind the outcomes and effects of FORMOBILE. A critical topic bearing in mind the tremendous role digital evidence - especially mobile phone evidence - will play in future criminal procedures, and the challenges posed to strengthen the principles of "rule of law" and "access to a fair trial" as cornerstones of democratic societies.

A "triangle" between the "ethical", "legal" and "standard" perspectives could move to the next level of a more integrative and coherent concept and practical approach under the umbrella of an eEvidence Governance perspective.

During the workshop, these ideas were presented and discussed with the workshop participants. The workshop had the following structure:

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Role of Ethics in FORMOBILE
  • Ethical Values & Principles relevant for FORMOBILE
  • Reflection of Ethical Guidelines - Proposal
  • Checklist for mobile forensics practitioners to enhance the governance of the forensics process and guarantee reliable evidence
  • Discussion

 Recording of FORMOBILE online workshop Ethical principles eEvidence Governance Recommendations from the Ethics Advisors