Your Comments are welcome

Until 02.04.2021, all interested stakeholders have an opportunity to contribute to the draft CWA, which is publicly available on the website of CEN/CENELEC Management Centre. Here, everyone is welcome to provide their comments on the work produced so far. The Workshop was launched by the FORMOBILE project, aiming to develop a forerunner of a European or even an international standard that covers all aspects of the investigative chain in mobile forensics.

What is the CWA? 

A forerunner to an ISO standard and EU standard - the CWA is an agreement, developed by a Workshop according to the rules and regulations defined by CEN or CENELEC, which reflects the agreement of identified individuals and organisations responsible for its contents.

What is the goal? 

The Workshop Agreement addresses the topics of primary importance for the mobile forensics practitioners: Personnel, Tools, Processes and Legal & Ethical Issues. Each topic covers the requirements that must be fulfilled to ensure that the obtained data is accepted as evidence in the court. The feedback will be taken into consideration in the final version of the CWA. 

The process so far

The CWA was initiated during the Kick-Off Meeting on April 2nd 2020 by FORMOBILE partners and a number of external stakeholders, invited to join the Workshop based on their experience in the area of mobile forensics. Several representatives of European Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), non-profit organisations, universities and research centres, as well as independent experts, participated in the Kick-Off Meeting. In total, 52 participants, including 18 external stakeholders, took part. Currently, 44 registered Workshop participants representing 28 organisations (11 consortium organisations and 17 external ones) have contributed to the development of the FORMOBILE CWA.

The first draft has received a positive assessment by relevant Technical Committees of CEN/CENELEC, i.e. CEN-CENELEC/JTC 13, Cybersecurity and Data Protection, and CEN/TC 419, Forensic Science Processes.