Its importance and relevance in modern crime help explain why market predictions show that economic gains will continue as the sector introduces new diversified technologies. This will compound as the uptake and adoption of these solutions rise.

With this changing, dynamic landscape; authorities must review policy to reflect new parameters. FORMOBILE's recently released deliverable - 'D2.2 Criminal Procedure Report' - also underlines many areas that are directly influenced by mobile forensics.

The team encourages anyone connected with mobile forensics to familiarise themselves with the report and consider its recommendations during policy review.

The Law and Internet Foundation - leader of FORMOBILE's WP2&10 covering legal and ethical matters - stresses that although forensic technology is influential and paramount to providing justice in the modern era; we must maintain transparency and uphold citizen's rights throughout criminal investigation and court proceedings.

FORMOBILE heeds this advice and works diligently to incorporate the valuable guidance from LIF and Timelex, the legal partners that worked incredibly hard to produce the recent deliverable.