In total, around 200 attendees contributed to the whole workshop, and about 100 were involved in the break-out session for digital forensics - FORMOBILE's topic of interest.

11 projects in the field of digital forensics took part in a break-out session – RoxanneVictoriaMagneto, Formobile, Exfiles4NSEEKGRACEConnexionsAsgardInspectrAnita, (additionally) Roborder. EGTEC was the moderator and, through a brainstorming matrix, collected input to challenges/solutions in research, involvement/deployment in operations, synergies/transfers/adoption of standards in terms of exploitation, related to the digital forensic domain.

At the end, we had an overview of topics and project names referring to them. The approach was well received and provided interesting points for exchange between the projects. 

There were many intriguing points for FORMOBILE to consider, and we will continue efforts to collaborate and connect with similar projects. Moreover, we intend to prepare a “related projects” page on our website, providing a short summary of the projects and highlighting the members of FORMOBILE which are partner/advisors in related projects.

We shall also list the projects we actively cooperate with. As the collaboration efforts intensify, this shall provide a clear view of the projects that are related to FORMOBILE, and the specific initiatives and actions between them.