The application process is now closed. Thank you to all that applied and showed interest. Currently, the dates for the training are unknown, but the information will be communicated in due course.

The applications submitted after the 30th April will not be seen, therefore if you applied after, you will not receive a response. However, we are extremely grateful for your support and invite you to become a stakeholder of the project. By doing so, you will receive the latest updates and information about the project. This will include information on the pilots and any actions that may be planned later.

Thank you for supporting FORMOBILE. 

 Are you interested in participating in the training courses created during FORMOBILE?

FORMOBILE - Training Call For Participants


A key aim of FORMOBILE is to create a novel curriculum that is developed for law enforcement. The curriculum will address a range of stakeholders (e.g. from first responders through to mobile forensic experts) in the tackle to fight serious crimes. The training will be didactically structured and include novel concepts and approaches taking into consideration differing knowledge bases and will cover the investigation process, from crime scene to court.

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Who we need? Professionals from all target groups to participate in the training pilots as students.

Our Aims? To pilot a series of courses to law enforcement participants that cover important base knowledge required to conduct mobile forensic investigations.

What is the benefit for you, I hear you say?

  • Your own professional development
  • Evaluate the content and courses before the final release
  • Implement the training in your organisation
  • Gather in-depth knowledge of the standard and tools created in FORMOBILE 

Why we need you?

We require stakeholders from all target groups (first responders, analysts, experts, investigators, prosecution, judges, and management) to participate in the pilot training courses.

Participants will be involved in:

  • The evaluation of the efficacy of the training.
  • Assessing the best practices, standards, and tools devised.
  • Have an impact on the delivery of a knowledge base in mobile forensics for law enforcement officials.

We aim for the final training materials to be made available for law enforcement, relevant non-profit organisations and academia.

Frequently Asked Questions 

The team has outlined some questions we think you may ask us before deciding whether to become a participant. However, we encourage you to contact us to ask any additional questions! We want to support you to ensure that you can make an informed decision.

Find out more about the individual courses

Also, if you are a member of law enforcement or a representative of a relevant public body, you can view the curriculum on the FORMOBILE Secure Portal. Join today

To understand more about the development of the curriculum, please see this article

FORMOBILE - Training Call For Participants