Over recent months FORMOBILE and LOCARD have established links and are reviewing possibilities for deeper collaboration. One helpful way of engaging is collaborating and reviewing materials and deliverables produced by the other project. LOCARD has just released a series of deliverables that can be interesting for FORMOBILE and the mobile and digital forensics community. 

The list and short summary of the deliverables can be found below. Use the links to view the full documents. 

Under Work Package 3

  • "D3.5 - Reference Architecture": provides a comprehensive overview of the forensics flows, as well as details the LOCARD system’s high-level architectural design and functionality, and serves as a blueprint for the design and implementation of all LOCARD components and their corresponding integration in the whole system.

Under Work Package 4

  • “D4.2 - State of the art report on detection of deviant behaviour in Social Networks”: identifies certain unconventional behaviours on social networks, such as criminal or abusive behaviours related to the production and distribution of child sexual content.
  • “D4.3 - State of the Art report on blockchain technologies”: provides a very interesting review and information on the state of the art related to blockchain technology and analyses how this technology can ensure the use and acceptance of the LOCARD developed platform in the European context.
  • “D4.4 - State of the art report on appropriate Identity and Access Management, together with associated Trust Services”: provides a very good study on the state of the art of Identity Management Systems that are available and appropriate in the current context. In addition, the document aims to explore how these technologies can be relevant to the project.
  • “D4.6 - State of the Art Report on Trusted Computing and Trusted Execution Environment”: provides information on the state of the art in Trusted Execution Environment to ensure that the developed platform implements the necessary security measures both in the client and server sides.

Under Work Package 5

  • "D5.1 - Established Test Environment": Presents an elaborate set of tests to be carried out on the individual components as well as the integrated system and deployment infrastructure.