Initially, the DFEG event was planned to run in New Haven, Connecticut, but due to the COVID-19 restrictions, it ran as an online meeting.

The INTERPOL Digital Forensics Expert Group brings together experts in digital forensics from all over the world. As a result, the event gives a global perspective on the digital forensics domain. Furthermore, mobile forensics formed a significant part of the agenda, notably on the first day.

FORMOBILE was very well represented at the DFEG meeting with Dr Christian Hummert, Coert Klaver and Dr Matthew Sorell as guests. On the first day, Dr Christian Hummert, the scientific coordinator of FORMOBILE, presented the project to the Interpol community. Dr Hummert summarised the goals of the three-year project and paid extra attention to the CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) FORMOBILE is working towards. The CWA is an opportunity for members of the Mobile Forensic community to cooperate and establish a new standard dedicated to mobile forensics. The standard, once elaborated, will cover the entire chain of custody and is intended to facilitate the acceptance of evidence in a court of law. The preparation process has already started following the official kick-off in April. Currently, the first draft is under development and will be formed around three key strands, Personnel, Processes and Tools. Later, the draft will be made available for comments and feedback before its next iteration.

Dr Hummert had 147 listeners and received several interesting questions after the talk. The topic of standardisation was a recognised concern, and the broader community is welcoming to the efforts connected to the CWA. As a direct result of the presentation, FORMOBILE added two new members to the CWA Team, and now the project will get valuable input from Ireland and India.

Moreover, there was a peak in interest as various forensic experts joined the FORMOBILE stakeholder network. It is encouraging for the project to establish links with members in the extended forensic network – especially as the improvements in this domain are a global concern.

Overall, the DFEG meeting was very productive, and FORMOBILE aims to collaborate closely with Interpol in the future.

If you would like to find out more about the FORMOBILE initiative and how you can get involved – please get in touch.