A recent article published by ITV, a central news channel in the UK, highlights that many police forces in England and Wales are struggling to cope with the backlog of forensic investigations required to support cases.

The information, provided via a request under the Freedom of Information Act, showed a total of 12,122 devices were awaiting examination. Previous figures published this time last year showed an outstanding volume of 12,667 devices. Although this article does not highlight the number of devices examined over the last 12 months, it does show that the backlog remains high - and that forces across the region are overwhelmed by the numbers.

There are, of course, numerous reasons why these figures remain high; but according to Simon Kempton, from the Police Federation, a lack of trained detectives and automated technology is adding to this bottleneck. The impacts of these issues are costly and can result in key evidence not being passed to defence teams during criminal trials, according to Kempton.

Although there may be issues specific to the UK preventing speedier processes to deal with these cases, are other countries across Europe facing similar issues?