Many hands make light work. 

Although not the most fitting proverb; some of the meaning rings true for FORMOBILE. The project is complex in nature and requires the expertise and skills of many members to ensure success. It is not just a case of greater numbers; however, more of the right people will undoubtedly make a difference! 

As we approach the second year of the project delivery, the team is upping efforts to collaborate with other European funded schemes working in similar domains. The goal is to maximise the impact made through the implementation of individual plans, with ambitions to create synergies that amplify the results of the different projects - making a more significant impact in the Security domain on the whole. 

One of the projects we are starting to discuss matters with is LOCARD. This innovative initiative is pursuing a 'Lawful Evidence Collecting & Continuity Platform'. The consortium working on this project also have lofty goals and endeavour to: 

Manage an immutable chain of custody of the digital evidence for every crime under investigation.

 The results of this work should cover: 

  • The proper commitments for entities involved; ensuring digital evidence is handled accordingly
  • Allow the usage of live-streaming data as evidence
  • Provide investigators with online crawlers that will effectively detect deviant behaviour in content
  • The re-use of digital evidence in corresponding formats, and automated filling of the forms and documents
  • Tag possible malicious activities in data streams and receive notifications once alert criteria are met
  • Monitor the real-time progress of victims' digital investigations
  • Publish anonymised data to find correlations and campaigns
  • Offline tools to collect multimedia evidence from media
  • Provide an infrastructure that could be used to store all digital evidence and handle their use in court
  • Increase the security of the platform by the integration of modules in a Trusted Execution Environment
  • Allow citizens to report malicious online events and activities

FORMOBILE is eager to see what future relations hold and are looking forward to upcoming talks - more information will follow in due course

 If you are interested in engaging with the LOCARD project, you can get in touch here.