This week, the project team and members of the broader mobile forensics domain were intending to meet in Vienna for a CEN Workshop Agreement Kick-off meeting.

This meeting is now running online - thanks to technology, work can go on for many of us.

The kick-off promises to be an engaging and interesting experience with many experts from mobile forensics actively taking part and others waiting in anticipation for the digital recording of proceedings.

In total, 50 people will contribute to the online session adding their unique experiences and professional expertise. There was a trial run this morning to make sure the connection was in place and everyone was able to participate. The diverse audience encourages varied opinions and hopefully the start of a new CEN Workshop Agreement that can benefit thousands of people involved in Mobile Forensics.


Do not worry; as you wait with bated breath for the first draft of the CWA, FORMOBILE will look to keep people informed throughout the process.

If you have questions about the process, feel free to contact the team via