The consortium is fortunate to be enhanced with several Law Enforcement Agencies, including:

  • Maltese Police Force
  • Spanish Police
  • UK Home Office
  • Portuguese Criminal Police
  • Poznan Police 

Besides, there are many well respected and acclaimed institutions with influential connections to mobile device forensics, linked to the project. The Netherlands Forensic InstituteNorwegian Ministry of Justiceand Public SafetyMSAB & ZITiS; to name but a few.

By leveraging these partners and input from other experts engaged in the project, we can broadly distribute the results. Although the noticeable outcomes will come towards the latter phases of the project, there will be incremental improvements and updates throughout the process. Therefore, we are inviting those eager to engage in the FORMOBILE topic to join the FORMOBILE Network. 

There are three separate options for joining the database, your role and line of work will determine the most appropriate choice. 

Newsletter Subscriber Receive a quarterly newsletter from the FORMOBILE communication team, updating you with the latest news and events connected to FORMOBILE. 

The FORMOBILE Secure Portal Law Enforcement Agencies, government institutions and other public bodies engaged in forensic investigation chain engage and cooperate through this secure platform.

General Stakeholder For those who have an interest in the work of FORMOBILE and would like to stay updated with the project's progress and perhaps have a more involved role in the project by taking part in tasks connected to their domain. I.E Policymakers, training providers, etc.

Benefits of Joining the FORMOBILE Network & Database

By joining, you can remain informed throughout the project of the latest findings. There may be opportunities for closer cooperation, as we look to work with specialists from domains such as: 

  • Training and Education
  • Prosecution
  • NGOs 
  • Governmental Institutions 
  • Security Practitioners 
  • Research 
  • Policy Makers 
  • Customs 
  • Intelligence 
  • Industry - Specialised Forensic Businesses 
  • ...

As a minimum, you will receive notifications of the events the consortium is attending, the latest news updates from the team and announcements when the deliverables have been released.

For the legal policies connected to the stakeholder database, you can familiarise yourself with our policies covering the three types of users - 

 The higher the input of external stakeholders, the more diverse the participants are, the more likely we will be to make a difference with the results of the project. Help support by joining the FORMOBILE initiative and forwarding the message to your colleagues.

Please help spread the message by sharing this post through your network and with your colleagues.Together, we can make Europe a safer place for all citizens.