Before creating the curriculum, it's necessary to complete a thorough analysis of the existing training available. Another important aspect is to understand the areas where specialists feel underskilled and lacking competences.

FORMOBILE will cover all these areas in a holistic approach to create and deliver first-class training to law enforcement.

Work package 7, is cooperating closely with existing training providers to understand the approaches they take and the specifics of the courses they deliver. Although we've made an in-depth review of the training landscape, we may have missed a selection of the organisations and actors.

Therefore, we invite any providers of mobile phone related forensic education or training to complete the questionnaire.

Questionnaire for Forensic Training Providers

By participating, you're playing an active role in providing the FORMOBILE team with vital knowledge that will enable the project team to produce a new, novel curriculum and training programme.

Let's work together to make the EU a safer place for all its citizens.