FORMOBILE is a ground-breaking collaboration of Academia, Government & Industry, funded by the European Union to help improve mobile forensics across tools, standards and training.

As part of the project, we need the input of serving LEA staff on the most prominent issues you face today. Your answers will help determine future standards, tools and training for mobile forensics. 

In Work Package 1, the FORMOBILE team has created a questionnaire to capture the input of LEAs from across Europe. The more agencies that contribute - the better. Input from a variety of institutes and countries will ensure the project team is fully informed on current issues. All calls for improvement will be deeply considered before we take the next steps.

Your input could be highly informative and help shape the future of mobile phone forensic investigations. The deadline for submission is 1st December 2019, meaning there’s not much time, but your input is extremely valued.  

Below are links to the official documents for you to complete and e-mail back to us:

Please download the documents, complete and sign the consent form and return to us by e-mail.

The questionnaire is detailed, as there is much ground to cover. Your time and effort going through the questions are appreciated, and we will be sure to keep you up to date on the outcomes of the project as a result. Moreover, there are some additional benefits of being involved in FORMOBILE. These can be seen here: Benefits of FORMOBILE for LEAs.