Our expert represents the Netherlands Forensic Institute. NFI is an autonomous agency of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, dedicated to Forensic investigations and research.

The NFI believes this is a useful group to be engaged in as it provides an excellent opportunity to cooperate with stakeholders of digital forensics from around Europe. This provides a balanced overview of the actions and initiatives happening to improve digital forensics – topics that are useful for FORMOBILE, and many of the Work Packages.

It’s an event that FORMOBILE will look to participate in next year. Allowing us to provide the network of digital forensics and update on the progress of the project and the work we’re doing towards creating an end-to-end investigation chain for mobile devices.

The event reinforced the disparity in capabilities, and perhaps more importantly, capacities of national forensic IT laboratories situated in Europe. This is especially interesting to FORMOBILE as these are the key stakeholders that the project is working to support.

It could be considered critical to highlight that one country is less prepared to deal with digital forensics when comparing to the next. However, it’s a natural and expected result of countries developing and progressing independently. The idea of FORMOBILE is not to criticise these differences, only understand them to provide the appropriate guidance and advice to the relevant party.

For example, consider an entity determined to be an expert in digital forensics, having access to the latest and ‘best in breed’ technology. What would be the benefit of giving them advice and suggestions that are deemed to be overly simplistic? Conversely, if an organisation has limited capacity, resources and budget, it will be impractical to expect them to suddenly start following the work and examples of more advanced institutions. Therefore, it’s imperative FORMOBILE understands the broader picture, allowing the consortium to prepare topical and appropriate advice for a spectrum of digital forensic teams.

Providing institutions with best practices guides, including dedicated tools and training, will allow the LEAs to focus their limited efforts and attention on the most important aspects of digital forensics for mobile devices.

If your institution would like to be involved in this project, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out to office@formobile-project.eu.