The synergy and improved communication of meeting in person were evident, a point noted by several partners at the end of the session.

The FORMOBILE project has lofty goals, with many interdependencies between work packages; thus, the project management team has a significant workload to manage and coordinate. Although the three-year project timeline may seem substantial, once all the tasks are defined and presented on a schedule, it shows there isn't time to dawdle.

The group discussed the planning and management duties throughout the gathering; however, the main focus was on the tasks of WP1.

The objective of the assembly was for ZITiS, work package leader, to define the methodology of their approach to the four tasks within this WP. Consequently, the group could review potential stumbling points or issues to consider.

To gain a better awareness of the work package breakdown, refer to the diagram below. For specific information relating to the tasks of WP1, click here.

WP to bright background4xThe diagram shows the vital importance of WP1 and the requirement for high-quality data and the information to be gathered. The data will form a foundation for the other work packages to develop improvements across the project's three objectives - new Tools, Standard and Training.

To strengthen these foundations, the group decided to broaden the audience who will complete the questionnaires relating to current Mobile Forensics. This questionnaire gives ZITiS awareness of existing competencies, skills, processes and the technical equipment used by LEAs across Europe.

If your LEA would like to participate in this questionnaire, we invite you to contact the Project Management Office for further instruction. These are some of the benefits available to you for taking part in the process.

The team discussed the other tasks of WP1 at the meeting, but everyone agreed that the critical point is to gather precise knowledge and a clear picture of the existing 'As Is' situations in specific countries. Clarity here will highlight the issues and problems that a collective effort of the FORMOBILE project team can overcome throughout this exciting project.