As well as participating, he delivered a keynote presentation entitled:

'The need for standardisation and reference collections in digital forensics.'

Within the session, Dr Christian Hummert presented an overview of the FORMOBILE project, providing context to the work FORMOBILE aims to achieve in the area of standardisation. 

There were approximately 200 participants who attended Ares. They engaged in a range of sessions covering a variety of topics. Consequently, it was an excellent opportunity for engaging conversations on a diverse array of issues. Due to the format, Dr Christian Hummert was able to network amongst the attendees and made some strong connections. As a result, some attendees could join FORMOBILE's CEN workshops, providing more significant input to the new standard.  

What Dr Christian Hummer Presented

In his keynote session, Dr Hummert highlighted the strong need for standardisation in Digital Forensics, explaining the current landscape across Europe. When paired with the aims of FORMOBILE, it shows that the ambitions of the consortium far exceed the current state of the art and leading initiatives, already underway. 

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In addition to the Digital Forensics topic, Dr Hummert provided a summary of the current methodology in cybersecurity studies, showing this is a weak area that needs improvement. 

An article, written by Sarah Wood on this topic supports this argument. Sarah highlights the significant lack of professionals in the cybersecurity sphere. In the article, she quotes:

'It is predicted that by 2021, there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally. Comparably, there were one million open jobs in 2014, according to research organisation Cybersecurity Ventures.'

The article and Dr Hummert's presentation emphasises that as well as improving the studies, more effort needs to be spent attracting people into this area of specialisation. 

Moreover, as technology continues to advance and evolve, the skills and development of LEAs and Security Practitioners must improve in parallel. Thus, the FORMOBILE project will also look to provide novel and creative training solutions to LEAs, providing them with the knowledge and knowhow to leverage the work of the FORMOBILE initiative.