The standout points from this month’s progress report are: 

  • WP1 - Questionnaire for Law Enforcement Agencies and the first meeting in Munich
  • WP3 - Questions to determine the standards in use
  • WP4 - Handling Mobile Phone Clones
  • WP8 - Communication & Dissemination Website, Social Media Platforms and Materials 

WP1 - Forensic Questionnaire for Law Enforcement Agencies and the first meeting in Munich

ZITiS, the leader of this WP, has prepared a comprehensive questionnaire, to be shared with European LEAs. The goal is to evaluate the current status of mobile forensics (tools and processes, standards, training) currently used in different Law Enforcement Agencies.

This task will enable the team to map out the existing landscape, define the specification of the end-user requirements and identify changes that the experts would like developed in the mobile forensic domain. The questionnaire and its review are fundamental to the FORMOBILE project. They provide a foundation for other work packages, to develop new and innovative solutions for the forensic investigation of mobile devices.

To support the efforts of this work package, there will be a meeting in Munich in September. Meeting in person will allow the work package team to collaborate on each of the tasks and develop a strategy for executing the most pressing points.

WP3 - Existing Standards for Mobile Device Forensics

In the same vein as WP1, ASI is working hard to uncover and determine the wide range of standards in use in the activities of LEAs, completing mobile forensic work.

Over recent weeks, this list has grown. To help identify and other standards that may have slipped the net, ASI has sent a selection of questions with the questionnaire in WP1 to account for all the standards and practices followed by LEAs.

Awareness of the standards and practices in use will help distinguish the positive facets, but more importantly, when cross-referenced with the feedback from WP1, the team will discover possible areas for improvement - helping them create an outline for the new standard(s), FORMOBILE aims to produce.

WP4 - Dealing with Mobile Phone Clones

The process of handling and extracting information and data from a cloned mobile phone can differ from the mainstream devices used by the majority of people. For this reason, LEAs must have access to the knowledge and equipment relevant for cloned devices, enabling them to complete their forensic work. Therefore, the partners of WP4 are gathering devices to strengthen the tools used and also aid in the delivery of training, for the existing tools, to LEAs who are dealing with such cloned examples.

WP8 - Communication & Dissemination Activities

If you are reading this article, you are seeing one of the results of WP8. PPHS has defined and created materials associated with communication and dissemination activities.

The results of this work include:

• The FORMOBILE project website

Twitter and LinkedIn profiles

• Initial dissemination documents and templates to be used by partners 

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