FORMOBILE: An end-to-end forensic investigation chain for mobile devices


To successfully deliver the FORMOBILE project, there will be several meetings between the consortium of partners. The meetings facilitate collaboration and provide a platform for important topics to be discussed. Meetings will also help maintain the project timelines.

In addition to internal events, there are numerous external meetings related to the topic of mobile investigation. Some will be open to the public, others reserved for experts. The meetings listed have been defined as useful and will complement the overall success of the initiative.

Upcoming Events

  • FORMOBILE advisor, Matthew Sorell, will deliver a 15-minute presentation on The challenges of mobile forensics education for law enforcement. 

    A comment from the organiser: 

    "The IAFS encompasses academics and practising professionals in the forensic specialities. Since 1957, the IAFS has delivered an international meeting every three years to allow the forensic community to meet and exchange ideas. It is our pleasure to host IAFS 2020 in the newly revamped International Convention Centre in Sydney, Australia. We feel privileged and honoured that many of the world’s leading investigators in the field will actively participate and inspire over 1,500 attendees from across the world." 

    **Please note, the event was originally planned to take place between 21-25 September 2020, but due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the event was postponed until 2021.**

    More information available here.



    Mask-Group-2 14 Darling Dr, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Past events

  • The aim of the whole day is to deepen the understanding how the work on the tools can be connected with the preparation for the training, the validation of the whole project and the legal framework tools will face on their way to real products.

    The event is split into several slots and the leaders from each work package will present where they are in relation to the planned work and cover some of the pertinent topics of the project.



  • The meeting will consist of a general part (for all participants) and group work (Personnel, Tools, Processes, Legal and Ethics).  We have decided to add an additional chapter that deals with legal and ethical issues to the CWA to avoid any duplication of the content across the different chapters. This group will extract all issues that concern the legal matters from the text and summarize them in a separate chapter.



  • FORMOBILE presentation at MSAB Workshop From 15th-16th of September a Mobile Forensics Workshop from MSAB took place in Frankfurt-Maintal. Dr. Christian Hummert, the scientific coordinator of the project, represented the FORMOBILE project. Christian presented the project to the attending forensic experts. Christian summarized the goals of the project and gave an overview of what has been reached so far. He paid extra attention to the CEN Workshop Agreement on which FORMOILE is working.

    More information (In German) here


    Mask-Group-2 Maintal Westendstraße 77 63477 Maintal-Dörnigheim

  • FORMOBILE has been invited to speak in an upcoming webinar organised and hosted by the LOCARD project. 

    Webinar Details: 

    In their fight against cybercrime, one of the most difficult challenges for several countries is to standardise the process used in the preparation and generation of digital forensic reports. The procedure needed to obtain digital evidence, as well as its recognition in a court of justice, should follow standardised procedures aimed at guaranteeing the origin of the evidence and the integrity of the chain of custody. This is a crucial step towards producing high quality reports and a way to encourage digital forensics best practices and facilitate sharing and admissibility of reports across jurisdictions.

    REGISTER NOW in the two-part webinar that will take place next 16th July 2020 aimed at addressing these and other related needs.

    Speakers & Details

    Part 1: 10:00 – 11:00 CEST

    Weak Links - Can we build a robust cross-border chain of trust for digital evidence?

    What are the burning issues for the digital chain of custody? Working to resolve/address burning issues when sharing digital evidence between different European countries.


    • Ionut Stoica - Senior Research Analyst at Council of Europe
    • Teodora Balcanu - Senior Investigator at Romanian Police
      Alessandro Guarino - CEO at StAG
    • Angus Marshall - Lecturer at University of York and Director of n-gate
    • Moderated by Steve Kemsley - Security Consultant at EEMA

    Part 2: 11:30 – 12:30 CEST 

    How can the EU lead this process?

    Presentations of:

    • Global Cybercrime Certification: Carlota Urruela - Capacity Building Officer at ECTEG
    • FORMOBILE: Steven Ormston - Senior Project Officer at Polish Platform for Homeland Security
    • LOCARD: Fran Casino - Researcher at Athena Research Center
    • Moderated by Pablo López-Aguilar - Head of IT & Cybersecurity at



  • FORMOBILE Coordinator, Dr Christian Hummert, is delivering a speech connected to Standardisation in Mobile Forensics at this year's event. 

    Dr Hummert will be covering the steps FORMOBILE is taking to produce the CEN Workshop Agreement, informing colleagues of the work completed thus far and the upcoming actions planned throughout the project. 

    For those looking to understand more about this process now, this short article lays out the process the team is following. 

    Due to the current COVID pandemic, the event is now taking place online. 


    Mask-Group-2 New Haven, Connecticut, United States

  • Proposed workshop on Requirements and Guidelines for a complete end-to-end mobile forensic investigation chain

    The kick-off is the official meeting to begin the process of creating a new standard for mobile forensics. - Read more here 

    In addition to the process-related issues, the above CWA will cover requirements for a new curriculum for the training of LEA officers, security practitioners and criminal prosecution experts to ensure that the evidence from mobile devices is court-approved across national borders.

    The kick-off meeting will be held on 02 April 2020 in Vienna (AT), at Austrian Standards International (ASI). - Due to the current issues with travel as a result of COVID-19 - the event will now take place online.

    All interested parties are invited to submit comments on the draft Project Plan to Workshop Secretary, Dr. Olga RADCHUK (

    The final deliverable of this Workshop (CEN/CWA) is expected to be adopted in March 2022.


    Mask-Group-2 Austrian Standards Heinestrasse 38 1020 Vienna Austria

  • FORMOBILE, represented by the project coordinators Christan Hummert and Dirk Pawlaszczyk, will present an overview for those attending. The session is aimed at project managers from industry, research and universities as well as public and private end-users who are preparing an EU project or would like to find out about funding opportunities in the area of "Safe Societies" of the EU Framework Programme "Horizon 2020".

    Link to further information (In German) 


    Mask-Group-2 Bonn, Germany

  • Project coordinator, Christian Hummert, will attend the seminar organised by the European Commission. The event is an opportunity to engage directly with Policy Officers - informing them of the work FORMOBILE is doing and the content the partners intend to produce. 

    Some of the topics covered include:

    • Providing policy feedback 
    • The role LEAs have in the FORMOBILE consortium
    • The connection of FORMOBILE to previous projects with similar intentions 
    • How FORMOBILE relates to existing networks of LEAs  
    • The role of 'standardisation' in the project 
    • Managing data 
    • Collaboration through training initiatives 
    • Enabling exploitation of the project 


    Mask-Group-2 Brussels, Belgium

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