FORMOBILE: An end-to-end forensic investigation chain for mobile devices


To successfully deliver the FORMOBILE project, there will be several meetings between the consortium of partners. The meetings facilitate collaboration and provide a platform for important topics to be discussed. Meetings will also help maintain the project timelines.

In addition to internal events, there are numerous external meetings related to the topic of mobile investigation. Some will be open to the public, others reserved for experts. The meetings listed have been defined as useful and will complement the overall success of the initiative.

Upcoming Events

  • Project coordinator, Dr Christian Hummert will present the FORMOBILE project at the event that takes place between 12:30 and 17:00. 

    The event will run in German. 



  • FORMOBILE advisor, Matthew Sorell, will deliver a 15-minute presentation on The challenges of mobile forensics education for law enforcement. 

    A comment from the organiser: 

    "The IAFS encompasses academics and practising professionals in the forensic specialities. Since 1957, the IAFS has delivered an international meeting every three years to allow the forensic community to meet and exchange ideas. It is our pleasure to host IAFS 2020 in the newly revamped International Convention Centre in Sydney, Australia. We feel privileged and honoured that many of the world’s leading investigators in the field will actively participate and inspire over 1,500 attendees from across the world." 

    **Please note, the event was originally planned to take place between 21-25 September 2020, but due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the event was postponed until 2021.**

    More information available here.



    Mask-Group-2 14 Darling Dr, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Past events

  • Members of the Training Team are excited to be joining the DFRWS 2021 program.

    On Thursday 28th, Norwegian Police University College ICS-FORTH, (MSAB), University of Adelaide present a paper:

    "The challenges of mobile forensics education for law enforcement."

    For the three-day breakdown, follow the link.



  • On the 10.12.20 ENLETS - The European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services - hosted their regular meeting between the National Contact Points of Member States in Europe, and FORMOBILE was invited to present an overview of the project and its key objectives. 

    The session provided a perfect opportunity to engage Security Practitioners - a primary group - of FORMOBILE's stakeholders. Engaging the national contact points meant that FORMOBILE could directly highlight the key actions that will assist the law enforcement community. 

    Patrick Padding, the Core Group Leader of ENLETS, is also a member of FORMOBILE's Scientific Advisory Board and as we progress into 2021 there will be increased efforts to foster cooperation with Mr Padding and the ENLETS community, especially as there are many mutually beneficial opportunities for both parties. 



  • FORMOBILE will present the current project work within the Community of Experts. 

    Event Details: 

    Europol’s Digital Forensic Lab has initiated the Forensic Experts Forum as early as 2014 and it is held every year at Europol’s HQ. FEF targets forensic practitioners in law enforcement and aims to facilitate the exchange of current trends, practices and efficient forensic approaches.

    In addition, to attract contributions in the form of research, presentations, demos and workshops for the conference, a “Call-for-Papers” is held inviting new, original ideas from people in academia, industry, government, LE, non-EU countries LE and Europol staff who are interested in sharing their results, knowledge, and experience in the domain of digital forensics.

    This year the conference was planned to take place in May, but due to the pandemic, it was cancelled. We are pleased that FEF2020 will eventually take place virtually from the 7th to 11th of December. It will be a week long virtual conference with 2-3 hours sessions per day.



  • Key parts of the meeting include: 

    Presentation of all tools developed in FORMOBILE and discussion about integration in the second ring trial (WP4 - 6)

    Presentation of the CWA standard developed in FORMOBILE and discussion about integration in the second ring trial (WP3)

    Presentation of the training courses developed in FORMOBILE and discussion about integration in the second ring trial (WP7)



  • Meeting Topic: Europe's Digital Sovereignty – Road to Success? 

    How FORMOBILE was involved..



  • The event "CoU Workshop on Forensics: Explosives, Conventional forensics, Digital forensics" is taking place virtually on 22 October 2020, from 14.00 to 17.00

    • 14h - 15h Plenary session: Setting the scene
    • 15h - 15h15 Break
    • 15h15 - 16h45 Breakout sessions: Explosives, “Conventional” forensics, Digital forensics 
    • 16h45 - 17h Plenary session: Wrap-up

    Read more about FORMOBILE's participation. 



  • FORMOBILE presentation at the Bavarian Prosecutor General Day:

    From 28th-29th of September, the general prosecutor meeting of Bavaria took place in Glonn (Germany). Dr. Christian Hummert, the scientific coordinator of the project, represented the FORMOBILE project.

    Christian presented the project to the attending forensic experts. Christian summarized the goals of the project. He paid extra attention to the CEN Workshop Agreement FORMOILE is working on. It was very valuable for the project to get in contact with the jurisdiction as an important stakeholder group. The attendees appreciated the new standard and stated out how important standards are for prosecution. The participants emphasised that the language of the standard and of the presentation of the results of forensic analysis need to be presented in simple language within the court.

    This is a key takeaway for those involved drafting the CWA. 


    Mask-Group-2 Glonn, Germany

  • The aim of the whole day is to deepen the understanding how the work on the tools can be connected with the preparation for the training, the validation of the whole project and the legal framework tools will face on their way to real products.

    The event is split into several slots and the leaders from each work package will present where they are in relation to the planned work and cover some of the pertinent topics of the project.



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