EEMA Annual Conference

From 29.06.2021 00:00 until 01.07.2021 16:46
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FORMOBILE takes part in Webinar 5 dedicated to the LOCARD project, Managing Cross-Jurisdictional Digital Evidence - Register here for the dedicated session. 

Securing Trust in the New Digital Reality
The 34th EEMA Annual Conference focuses on ‘Securing Trust in the New Digital Reality’. Join world-leading experts from over 40 countries, for a series of seven interactive webinars. This is your opportunity to help define and develop a safer and more secure digital future for every citizen and organisation.

EEMA is a trusted partner and valued resource for technology-led organisations, enterprises, academic institutions and governments through the European Union and beyond. Its Annual Conference brings these leaders together, providing an unrivalled platform for debate, collaboration and innovation, at the very highest level.
Lorraine Spector.

EEMA Board Director 

Find more information about the event on EMMA's website -

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